Grandparents Week~Tuesday: Books–Reading to Your Grandchildren from Far Away

April 7th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review


Meet my Grandpa & Grandma on my mother’s side, Paul & Carolyn. Growing up we lived 3000 miles away from them but not once did I ever feel that they were that far away.

 My Grandfather died over a decade ago, he battled cancer numerous times throughout his life and it finally took him. My Grandmother is still with us but suffers from severe dementia and Alzheimer’s.  

I love looking at pictures of them, re-reading old letters and stories we wrote back and forth together. But most of all I love listening to their voices off of the tapes they recorded for us. They would take turns reading books to us, tapes and tapes full, and send them to us in the mail.

The best part of all, now my daughters can listen to their Great Grandparents read them their favorite stories just like they would love to do if they were still here. The video is of my Grandfather reading The Little Engine That Could to my two babies, his voice is a bit quiet in the beginning but gets louder throughout the story. Boy, I sure miss them :)

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