Grandparents Week~Thursday: The Importance of The Arts


“I’m just a photographer working on my craft every day in some small way.  I want to share with you what I saw at that moment in time” 

To my grandchildren I’m “Grammie with the camera”.  It’s part of my identity. There have been very few times in their lives they’re seen me without a camera in my hand. 
My grandchildren know the passion I have for photography.  They see how important it is in my life. How I spend most of my free time either shooting or editing and how excited I am to have my own online indie shop through Etsy.  I believe they are proud of me and that, in itself, is most important to me.

They’ve watched me over a hundred times put my eye to the viewfinder to capture that special shot of a lovely flower or awesome landscape.  At times they’ve been walking with me only to turn and find me several steps behind pointing my camera at something I found interesting.  Now, when we’re together, they will often point out a photo opportunity for me.  What fun it is for me to experience and share their idea of beauty. 

Beauty is subjective.  We all see it in different ways.  Each of my grandchildren will share with me their idea of what is beautiful to them. They will show me their drawings or share with me a new song they’ve just learned on the instrument they are painstakingly learning to play.  They are proud of their accomplishments, and so am I.   
I’m pleased to think, perhaps through my own passion, my grandchildren are able to see the beauty in the world and the importance of making it a daily part of their lives….through The Arts.


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