Grandparents Week~Saturday: Shop!–Shopping Spree with the Grandkids

April 11th, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!


My grandkids and I love to go shopping. Our favorite place is the “dollar store” and we have a shopping ritual we all love. The number of grands participating vary… some times there is only two and some times there are seven or eight. The kids range from 3 to 12 years old..

We have two rules that apply to our shopping spree.

1. We set a monetary limit. If it’s determined they have $5.00 to spend… that means they can put 5 items in their baskets. If we decide the limit is $3.00… only three items can be chosen and purchased.

2. They can choose anything their heart desires, with no interference. An opinion on the choices they make is “off limits.” (The rule is for me… more than for them.)

As soon as we get into the store… they all grab their own little baskets and they start down the isles.

It’s fun to watch each child make his choices. Some are so deliberate about their selections and others put every thing they see and want into their baskets. Once selections are made… they count the items in their baskets to make sure they’ve stayed within the budget. Often times they have to go back down the isles and replace toys back on the shelves. .

Sometimes they will replace things in their baskets with newly selected items because they see something they like better.

Once selections are made… they take their baskets to the cashier… the items are purchased, and they all walk out of the store with their individual bags over their arms, happy as larks.

Why such a shopping trip? It’s fun and we’ve made it a tradition. It’s also a time to learn about choices and finance. They learn there are limits to spending. Since we are at the dollar store, it’s easy for them to figure one dollar for one item. I never budge when it comes to purchasing extra items. They use to fuss a bit… but they eventually they got the idea.

The reason no comments or opinions are allowed is that it gives the kids the freedom to make their choices and be responsible for that decision. Sometimes they don’t choose wisely and their toy breaks as soon as we get home. Next time they make better choices.

If I were to say, “You don’t want that because…..” or “Do you really want that?”… it invalidates their decision. They may try to “please” rather than select what they really want.

Also, doesn’t give them the opportunity to be fully responsible for what they choose.

The older they get… the more deliberate they are about selections. They take more time to make their choices.

If I were to say, “You don’t want that because…..” or “Do you really want that?” it invalidates their decision. Plus, it doesn’t give them the opportunity to be fully responsible for what they choose.

Recently, my 8 year old grandson, Glade, couldn’t find 3 items he really wanted. He ask if he could have the money instead so he could use it some place else. Great thinking. He had figured out that he didn’t need to spend money just for the sake of spending… especially for items that had no real value to him. Saving his money for something of greater importance to him was a smart move.

Our shopping spree’s are fun but they’re also an important opportunity for the kids to learn valuable lessons.

Besides… shopping at the dollar store saves me a bundle… Have you seen the prices for toys at Walmart. Oh my!

Kathy Griffiths, Insightful Nana

P.S. We have a good old time on our shopping spree… and of course… we have to grab a bite to eat at Wendy’s afterward. Take a look at this short video and see us in action.

This post was written by Kathie from Insightful Nana, which is one of my favorite blogs! Thank you Kathy for guest posting for us and be sure to go check out her blog!

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