Good Ol’ Dirt

June 5th, 2009 in Friday: Play!

My daughter and her friends are fascinated by what my husband does for a living: working with dogs. Each of them has asked each other, “What do you do for a living?” For almost a year now my daughter’s answer has been, “Play in dirt with my friends.”

That is honestly what she does for a “living.” For a couple hours a day she sits in the dirt with baby girl or the neighborhood girls and digs, builds hills, digs, replants weeds and digs some more.


What future career or hobby could this be leading up to I wonder?

How lucky I am to have something as simple as dirt to keep my kids entertained! We do have to have two baths a day but I don’t mind at all. And by bath I mean “turn on the hose for two minutes and run underneath”–that gets the job done pretty well.

What silly things keep your kids entertained all day long?

Looking for ideas? This is what else the girls (along with the neighborhood gals) are doing to keep busy the past few days:

  • Place a few broken pieces of sidewalk chalk, a play broom and a big bucket of water outside. They can make their own “chalk paste” and texture it/spread it all around the sidewalk with the broom.
  • Make a huge storage tub full of bubble solution, throw in anything you think could be used to make a bubble. Small lacrosse sticks, tennis rackets, drinking straws (they make tons of little bubbles). Click here for my bubble recipe.
  • Spend a good majority of the day down the street in a big field under the trees and clouds. We bring a big wagon of books, our notebooks and a few crayons. Another thing I love about my two girls: they will sit and read for a long time.

Seriously, how awesome does their life sound? They spend most of it with friends making huge messes outside and relaxing all day at the park. Ahh…the good ol’ days. Be sure and get involved; it will surprisingly de-stress your day, trust me!

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