April 8th, 2014 in Children Product Reviews

There is a reason that I sent my girls to science, engineering, computer, and culture camps. There is a reason I have a room set up in my house where we learn Native American basket games and put together Chinese rangrams. Where all the illustrations from the portfolio edition of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick are tacked to the wall to spark their imaginations.

There is a reason I buy my girls Goldieblox. I want strong girls and smart girls. Girls that know they can be and are smart at math, putting gadgets together, and engineering. Smart girls that aren’t stuck in the always princess mode. That sure maybe they can be in their favorite princess dress up but also are doing science experiments, rocking it at math at school, and building creations at home.

Have you heard of Goldieblox? There is this parenting facebook page called Mighty Girl that I adore. They promote different things on how to raise strong girls. From great book lists to products they recommend to empowering articles. One day they posted a link to Goldieblox. They are a toy company that are all about giving girls more choices with toys other than princesses, dolls, kitchen items, laundry items, etc.  And their toys really promote girls becoming interested in engineering. Do you remember their Superbowl commercial?

Anyways, the girls love their kits. You can actually build more than one thing with the kit, they come with a storybook, and have great theme. My girls loved the dunktank one. Let me show you a little bit:

goldiebloxreviews goldiebloxreview goldieblox

I love it as a mama. Sure my girls like cupcakes, and hair salons, and all that jazz. But I’m so tired of all the girl line toys only giving them that option. Goldieblox themes are just FUN and don’t put any gender stereotypes into their head. We are huge Goldieblox supporters! The price is fair, the quality is high, and the toys gets used over and over again at my house. You can find them at the Goldieblox website or Toys r us or Target.


I just want to see more toys, more kits, more products from them! We can’t wait!


Next time I’ll buy all four of them a kit, the little ones were pretty mad. Whoopsies.


Disclaimer: This is not a review post. We found these on our own, bought these with our own mula, and will continue to do so.

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