Giveaway for 4 Tickets to ‘A Snow White Christmas’ in SLC!

November 10th, 2013 in Giveaways

The production ‘A Snow White Christmas’ was just in LA and now has made its way to Salt Lake City! Opening night has already sold out so people here are excited for it too. Let me tell you what this play is about:

  • It is a “panto” style play which I want to explain to you, it means a good thing! It is a type of play that takes familiar fairy tales and children’s stories and injects a music, contemporary references and audience participation to create a raucous, noisy entertainment that is really perfect for families. Panto = good, no great
  • ‘A Snow White Christmas’ is about the Snow White fairytale, of course. But it is updated using modern pop songs from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry and it’s totally interactive, so the audience can boo the wicked queen and cheer for Snow White. Actually I heard in the show that the audience will be dancing the Y.M.C.A in the aisles with the dwarves and protecting Snow White from the Wicked Queen.
  • It is produced by the folks who do American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Some of the actors are; David Osmond from the Osmond Family, Amy Whitcomb from NBC’s THE VOICE and Nigel Lythgoe, Judge on So You Think You Can Dance.
  • Lots of local kiddos will be in the play as well, getting their chance to shine!
The girls and I just went to a (different) play last night, and I have two more I am going to this coming week. We have one booked in December and now will be attending this one as well. Obviously, we are a fan of theatre productions. Have you taken your kiddos to a play? If not, you’d be surprised at how much they like it. Skip the movie ticket and expensive snacks. Honestly I love plays because of how my children react. Their eyes light up, they are laughing up a storm, experiencing something real life right in front of them. We are big supporters of the performing arts.

‘A Show White Christmas’ is running from December 13th to December 29th at the Rose Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake City. A family ticket is just $99 (for 2 adults and 2 children). Why not make seeing a play part of your Christmas traditions? It is one of ours every year. Check out the even and buy the tickets here

***Disclaimer: This production is sending my family free tickets for their opening night event****
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