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December 19th, 2008 in Giveaways

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In my motherhood post I shared with you a beautiful publication that inspires me to continue on, that brings my spirits up in times of need and helps me realize how sacred my role as a parent is.

Seeing the Everyday is awarding two yearly subscriptions to their wonderful publication.

Seeing the Everyday is a quarterly, advertisement-free magazine focusing on the family interactions taking place at home. Although these exchanges are often seen as mundane or inconsequential, the sum of our daily exchanges is what shapes a family, for better or for worse. Building a strong family truly is a prosaic work.

There are many important things worthy of our attention, and of utmost importance is strong relationships in families. For when children learn to be honest, work hard and communicate well at home, they develop into sound individuals who take their experience into their community and future families. These virtues are developed most profoundly in prosaic moments together, and it is the collective sum of these moments that shapes the character of an individual. Seeing the Everyday hopes to encourage individuals to think about prosaic moments and realize all that can takes place within them.

Seeing the Everyday seeks to honestly tell and simply show the everyday beauties found in quiet and humble moments of our own homes and yards with those whom we love most. It documents through word and image real stories of the ordinary scenarios that occur in family—finding poetry in the prosaic.

The stories demonstrate the true nature of family and how daily, “mindless” tasks such as cooking meals, cleaning the garage, making beds and taking out the trash become critical exchanges and valuable moments together between parents and children. As shared by a mother in our first issue, “Every time I invite a child to place their hands into the warm, soapy water with mine, I learn something new about their spirit and life. It is only when doing dishes together that my twelve-year-old son, who mostly speaks in monosyllables about his experiences at school, reveals who his friends are and why he has chosen them, the pressure he feels about his grades, how much he likes math, and what he thinks about his teach.”

We believe the words and images of these stores will inspire and encourage readers in their efforts to strengthen family interactions.”

To buy a subscription, click here.

To win this giveaway (and there will be two winners!):

-Comments on this post once

-Share what inspires YOU as a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc.

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