Getting Over Myself

September 9th, 2009 in About Me

Tonight was ONE OF THOSE nights.  It really was. I have been sick for awhile, but was feeling a bit better today (no not pregnant, just sick), so of course I did a bit too much.  I ran too many errands, and needed to go lie down after I made a quick 15 minute dinner of Avacado Sammies and Tomato Soup. I chopped up the onions, let them simmer in the butter, and poured in the crushed tomatoes and chicken stock. Then, like I have done hundreds of times, I poured the hot mixture into the blender to blend all the delicious goodiness together. I put my hand firmly down on the lid, turned to look at my baby, and EXPLOSION!! Hot tomato soup all over my arms, cabinets, floor, stove, and countertops. Oh, it hurt, and as I tried to take care of part of the mess, I noticed my baby had plunged belly-first into the tomato goodiness. What could I say? She really was enjoying it.

Silly me then really thought, “Well let me try this again.”  This time, the second explosion splashed all over my face.  Big red welts started appearing all over my face, arms, and neck.

Forget the mess.  It was time to throw everyone into the tub and myself into the shower. We were in charge of cleaning the church building in 20 minutes- without Tyler. I started whining to myself about getting tired of going everywhere alone.

“MOM SHE POOPED!!” Abby screamed as Cameron just grinned. “Oh that stinker!” I screamed as I hopped out of the shower and tried to clean up the mess with only 10 minutes left till church building cleaning time.

We got to the church on time.  What a great way to meet new people. (we just moved into the area a couple of months ago)  We arrived with wet hair and smelling faintly of poop along with a STRONG odor of tomato soup.

I snapped at the girls all night long until I calmed down and watched my three year old prance around the building thrilled with being able to stay up and clean the church. Boy, that little girl was working hard.  She was trying her best to please her grumpy mommy.

I noticed all the men there, just getting off of work.  Many of them are having a hard time right now with hours cut and no jobs in construction. They looked tired but happy to be there.

And this is when I got over myself.

Sometimes I just don’t get how lucky I have it- that the only troubles I have lately are an explosion of tomato soup and a poopy tub.



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