Genevieve, Santa’s Tiniest Elf

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I am bumping this up to the top because now you can print out a nice PDF of the story, and it is edited, which is always good. Right under the picture is a hyperlink of the story. Click on that, the PDF will pop up, and print it out!

My great grandmother’s name is Genevieve and my mother Sharon created the cutest little Christmas story in honor of her.

Genevieve is Santa’s TINIEST elf and can’t seem to find a way to be able to help. Through the story you’ll see what happens and how relatable you know the story will be as a mom to your sweet kiddos.

My mom also shows you how to make the elf and use it in your home (I know, another ELF?!, but listen this one is the one you want to go with) to spread little acts of heartfelt love in your home.

I’m going to share the story here but direct you to my mom’s website after the story to learn how to make Genevieve! 

P.S. There are two different versions depending on how crafty you feel like being

P.P.S. This was a fun project to do with my mom. We brainstormed together, edited the story together, and took the pictures together. The idea was all hers but I loved being able to help.

P.P.P.S. I’m so proud of my mom, WILL YOU SHARE THIS FOR US? On your blog or by pinning it or anything you’d like to do? It’s a sweet little story to share with others. 

Genevieve Santa’s Tiniest Elf

Genevieve, Santa’s Tiniest Elf


Genevieve was Santa’s tiniest elf.  She loved living at the North Pole with Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the elves.  Everyone was so busy all year preparing for Christmas.  Genevieve wanted to help too.  She wanted to give her heartfelt love to others by assisting everyone at the North Pole to get ready for Christmas.

Her first job to help was too hard.  Tiny Genevieve was asked to bring the bigger elves paint cans to paint and decorate all the toys. She tried to help, but she just wasn’t strong enough to carry the paint cans to the table.  Genevieve was just too tiny.

Genevieve’s next job was to care for Santa’s red coat. She was able to brush off the cookie crumbs from Santa’s coat. She felt so excited to help Santa. But when she tried to pick up the coat to hang it on Santa’s chair, the coat fell on top of her. Genevieve could barely move it to get out!  She was just too tiny!

Discouraged, Genevieve went outside for a walk and thought she could help feed the reindeer.  Rocco, the Elf in charge of the reindeer was inside the barn, busily adding clean straw to the stalls.  Genevieve knew she was too small to hold a pitchfork.  So she tried to drag a bucket of oats over to the reindeer.  The bucket was almost as big as her!  The bucket began to tip and teeter and finally tipped over on the floor covering Genevieve with oats.  Rocco heard the noise and ran over to help her.  She was just too tiny to help.

Genevieve was so sad and she desperately just wanted to help.  Tears started to drip down her face and freeze into tiny snowflakes. So she went to visit sweet, Mrs. Claus. She always had plenty of love and comfort to give, along with hot cocoa and cookies!  Mrs. Claus was so happy to see Genevieve.  But she noticed that little Genevieve did not have her normal happy smile on her face. Over cookies and hot cocoa, Genevieve told her how she had tried to so hard to help everyone prepare for Christmas Eve. But, she was just too tiny.

Mrs. Claus lovingly explained to Genevieve that she was just thinking too BIG.  Genevieve needed to look for small and simple ways to give her heartfelt love and service to others.  Mrs. Claus told Genevieve that her tiny hands were the perfect size to add sprinkles the elves’ magic cookies.  This was an important job because the sprinkles added the magic touch to give the elves extra energy to work fast!

Genevieve was fantastic at adding magic sprinkles to the cookies – maybe even better than Mrs. Claus!  Because her fingers were so tiny. Genevieve left Mrs. Claus kitchen with a smile on her face.

She walked back to the reindeer’s barn and looked around for something small and simple she could do.  She saw a box of apples next to the large buckets of oats.  She was just big enough to carry two apples at a time.  So she took four trips back and forth to bring one apple to each of the eight reindeer.  They were so happy to receive their favorite treat.  Plus, as we all know, apples always made the reindeer fly faster.  The reindeer snorted and bobbed their heads thanking tiny Genevieve.

During the elves’ cookie break Genevieve snuck into their work room and looked around for some way to help.  The place was a mess, paint cans left open and paint spills on the table.  Santa would not be happy with such a mess.  So she quickly climbed up onto the table and put the lids back on the cans and wiped up the paint spills.  She left right before the elves came back to their work room. The elves were pleasantly surprised and wondered who had cleaned up.

Genevieve’s heart was full of happiness because she was able to help everyone at the North Pole get ready for Christmas. But she still really wanted to do something for Santa. She thought and thought but wasn’t sure what she could do.  She remembered Mrs. Claus telling her to look for small and simple ways to help.

She skipped back to Santa and Mrs. Claus’ house and walked into the kitchen.  Genevieve looked around for a tiny way she could help Santa.  She saw Santa’s big red coat hanging on the back of his chair almost ready for the big night of Christmas Eve.  Genevieve had a wonderful idea!  She could shine the black buttons and comb the fur trim on his coat.  Genevieve pulled a tiny comb out of her pocket and quickly brushed the fur trim so it was smooth and fluffy. Then she found a cloth and began buffing and rubbing the buttons until they shone like stars.

Genevieve was worn out from all the heartfelt love she gave during the day so she snuggled down on Santa’s chair by the fireplace.  She had a tiny, wonderful smile on her face as she fell fast asleep.

Santa came in for dinner after a long day of preparing and checking lists for Christmas Eve night.  He saw his special coat he wore every Christmas Eve, hanging on the back of his favorite chair all ready to go for the big night.  Something caught his eye and he noticed the buttons on his coat were extra shiny and sparkly!  And the fur trim was neatly combed. It was just the extra touch he needed to feel ready to go out on his very important trip. He turned to Mrs. Claus to thank her for that extra touch to his coat.  Mrs. Claus shook her head and pointed to tiny Genevieve.  She was curled up in his chair fast asleep.

Genevieve woke up to the sound of Santa’s happy chuckle.  Santa picked her up and gave her a big hug and a special pat on the back.  All of the sudden Genevieve felt a wonderful tingle on her back. She turned her head to look over her shoulder and there was a tiny, sparkling heart!

A very special, heartfelt thank you from Santa to tiny Genevieve.

Genevieve joined Santa and Mrs. Claus outside by Santa’s sled.  Everyone that lived and worked at the North Pole were there.  They all noticed the shiny gold heart on Genevieve’s back. Suddenly they knew who had helped them get ready for Christmas Eve.  They all gave her hugs and thanks for Genevieve’s heartfelt, tiny ways of service to each of them.

From that day on, tiny Genevieve looked for small and simple ways she could give heartfelt love to others.

You can bring the joys of heartfelt love and service to your home during the holidays.  First make a Genevieve Elf doll. Share the story of Genevieve, Santa’s tiniest Elf with your family.   Then ask your family to look for a small and simple ways then can give heartfelt service to someone in your family.  Keep Tiny Genevieve out in plain sight to remind everyone about spreading the Christmas Spirit of heartfelt love and service!



Want to see how simple it is to make this sweet elf? Head on over to my Mom’s site at to check it out.

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