Garden Woodland Tea Party

June 27th, 2016 in About Me, Parties

Abby’s 10th birthday party was the most beautiful party I have done. This post will mainly be pictures so I’ll give a quick recap in the very top of this most.

Garden Woodland Tea Party

Decor: tied up three ropes to lay the tulle on, lace as the tablecloths, white dishware, fake flowers, trunk slices, bird baths, etc. for the upfront display we had felted little critters, abby in fern letters, and fake flowers. in the back we had fake bushes set up at the far end of the display. the wind chimes were great for getting the attention of the girls.

Food: I just wanted to serve food I knew all the kids would eat. Sandwiches: nutella & fluff, turkey, and pb & j. Fruit kebobs, veggies, and mints. For the drinks I did plain lemonade and had flavors they could mix in. A beautiful cake that I wish we didn’t have to cut and eat! Each of their plates had an edible fondant woodland creature with their name on it.

Activities: When they arrived Abby gave them their “garden” names. She had a poster board with A-Z listed for both their first name and last name. Next to the letters was a cute word. We had a hair bus come; the did every girl’s hair, nails, and lip gloss. I split them into groups and half of them watched a movie downstairs while the other half were on the bus. Then we switched. After the hair bus we had the tea party, which was very DREAM LIKE. We asked all the girls to color a woodland creature to place on the bush for Abby to keep. Then we did a coloring contest, where we had 3 winners that were the best.

Party Favors: Paper fans, flowers crowns, and lip glosses.



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Here is a little video from the party:


Abby Party 2016 from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.


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