Friendship To Do List

January 15th, 2012 in About Me

Didn’t you love all those posts?


I already have another idea for another subject in a couple of months.

Anywho, I already have a “Friendship To Do List” after reading the posts:

  • Work on making good impressions (I get sooo nervous with first impressions, and if I’m in a group of people — forget about it!)
  • Be interesting. Another thing I do when I am nervous or don’t know someone too well is to just let them sit and talk about themselves. Which is nice, but I think it makes it so I seem a bit boring!
  • Listen. I also think when I *DO* get really, really close to people I can be an interrupter or have things focus on me too much.
  • Continue on being proactive, planning outings, inviting new girls… acting on feelings to do good.
  • SMILE MORE! I need to learn to naturally smile a lot more. This is a problem I have had since I was a little girl.
  • Work hard against getting discouraged or feeling sorry for myself. Things aren’t always going to go right, things sometimes will be disappointing. But what happens when you get in a mood like this? You don’t attract friends at all, and you miss out on opportunities that come your way.
But you know what else I learned when reading these posts?
I kinda am a good friend already, and I didn’t even really realize it.

What did you learn? Anything on your “to do list” now?

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