Friday:Play!-I Spy Bottles

June 13th, 2008 in Crafts, Friday: Play!

This was a very fun simple craft to do and will help me when my daughter needs something quietly to play. I have been keeping it in my purse and it has gotten me out of a few tantrums all ready.

Take a plastic bottle–I found the Bolthouse Juice bottles work the best, they are the perfect size and have no ridges or indentations on them.

We collected anything we thought could fit in the bottle from bottle-caps to charms to stickers.

While adding the objects to the bottle we kept a list going. When we used a sticker we just rubbed whatever substance we were going to fill the bottle with (sand, rice, beans) on the back side so it would not stick to the edge of the bottle.

Then we added rice, beans, or sand (or a mixture to the bottle) to the bottle (fill it up just enough so that when you twirl the bottle around you can find the objects). Note: If using sand make sure the bottle is absolutely dry, I even took a blow dryer to it, or it will make a big mess for you.

I put some glue on the lid and screwed it shut. Then I typed up the list on the computer, laminated it, and attached it with a string.

What a perfect craft to do with any age! I have seen the I Spy fabric squares, but I have issues with sewing and I thought this would be much easier for a 2 year old to help with.

When we are done with the next bottle of carrot juice here are some ideas we thought up:
A bottle with alphabet letters in it, to help the kiddos recognize their alphabet.

A bottle with numbers in it.

Bottles to go along with each season.

For more I Spy Bottle ideas, check out this site.

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