Friday=Nutella Sammie Day

April 23rd, 2010 in About Me

Tonight I am up late with a long list ahead of me. We will see how far I get down the list until I crash.

My most important business of all tonight involves Nutella.

You see, Friday has become “Field Trip” day with a special lunch to bring along wherever we go.

Nutella Sammies, holy moliness.

I have to pack three Nutella Sandwiches to send off with my girls while I am busy at this and doing odds and ends for clients.

I hope they think of me while biting into their very special made-by-Mommy Nutella Sandwiches!

Love you kittie kats!

(they love it when I call them kittie kats in front of their friends.
They look at their  friends like, "Can you believe my mom calls us KITTIES?
Baw ha ha." Cute girlies)


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