Friday: Play!—Learning with a Treasure Hunt

May 16th, 2008 in Friday: Play!

Learning with a Treasure Hunt 

Today you are all pirates for the day and will have to use all of your skills to capture the prize.
Treasure Chest

Clues will be left all over the house BUT to get the clue you must solve the question, some will be silly, some will be easy, and some may need you to investigate to find the answer.

Are you ready?!?

Supplies you will need for this activity:

-Paper (anything from scraps to cut out shapes to go along with whatever holiday/theme you plan on doing)

-A Treasure (anything from a picnic outside to a new book for the kids—lots of days it will just be their lunch!)

It helps for me to number the pieces of paper so if they get misplaced it won’t be to hard to put it back in place.

I usually have 9 clues to 25 clues that are in riddle form or not. On the front side of each clue is a question to help your child learn whatever you are working on them with (from telling time, reading words, geography, anything). I have even gave them really tough clues that they had to get help from a stack of books (an atlas, kids dictionary, science book).

I usually have to go with them on the treasure hunt to make sure they really answer the question before looking at the clue.

I hide all the clues around the house, from the computer to in the fridge. Every kid I have babysat, nannied, had over for a playdate, nieces, nephews, cousins, and my own daughter loves doing this game. From the age of two all the way to fourteen.

Have fun, be creative, relax and have fun with your kids doing this activity.

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