Friday: Play!—Yoga

January 2nd, 2009 in Friday: Play!

This week we started using the Yoga Mats and DVD that Santa brought each member of the family for Christmas.










YogaKids Original








This is something I have felt a strong need to start with my soon to be three year old, she can be extremely anxious at times and I know this will help her.

Yoga can be a fantastic family activity, a wonderful thing to do for playtime and can be a good example of the importance of exercise to your children.


  The following list of the beneifts of yoga are from White Mountain Yoga, which will be hosting a fabulous giveaway on our site this weekend.

Stronger Bodies

  • Build developing strength and natural flexibility to minimize injury
  • Improve body awareness and coordination
  • Experience the joy of movement free from competition
  • Improve breathing safely

Focused Minds

  • Instill a healthy well-developed self-esteem
  • Cultivate mental concentration and attention
  • Reduce stress and learn problem-solving skills
  • Encourages feeling good as chemistry of the brain is balanced

Peaceful Spirits

  • Encourage creative expression and imagination
  • Enhance body image and self-acceptance

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