Friday: Play!–Take a Smile Stroll

April 3rd, 2009 in Friday: Play!

I have to be honest, this week I have felt not so “smilie”. I have spent the past 18 weeks working towards my goal of running a marathon and with only 5 weeks left I have to stop. I also have to now go to two different specialists to help myself learn to walk correctly and build up the strength in my right foot. I most definitely cannot run the marathon in May and it has me a bit down.

So mostly it was myself that needed to remember how lucky I am, to stop the moping and start the smiling! Which is why today we took a “Smile Stroll” where we took a walk to talk about and point out the things that make us happy.

What Made Us Smile Today

-The clouds at the top of the mountains

-A wave from Abby’s best friend

-A cheerful hello for the sweet man across the street

-An enthusiastic I LOVE YOU run and hug

-Holding my baby’s hand who is finally finally finally walking

-Being able to stay home with my two best friends

-Seeing Daddy’s smiling face while he drives by excited to see us

Just simple things to put my problem into perspective and to teach my daughters to be positive thinkers.

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