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January 23rd, 2009 in Friday: Play!

The past few days we have been stuck in doctor’s offices, hospitals and labs. Nothing too serious, Baby Girl has scary low iron that has gotten even lower and we are trying to figure out why. We have spent HOURS stuck in different places.

What We Do to Survive (yes survive is the right word)

1. Wardrobe— I let Abby dress up in whatever she wants when I know we are going to spend hours in a boring place. It helps her play imagination games or just dance dance dance.

2. 5 Senses Game—Name an object that you see, for example, a tree, a cow, a tire, etc. Have your child describe it using the 5 senses: what does the object look like, does it make a sound, what would it taste like, etc. Perfect quick game to play during a long car ride or when stuck in line at the store.

3. I Spy with My Little Eye Abby says this while poking herself right in the eye every time without fail—Someone chooses an object that is visible in the room while the rest of the group guesses what it is. You can give the clue of what color it is, shape it is or letter it starts with.

4. Poems and Rhymes—My girls love to hear poems, we have a few nursery rhymes and poems from Where the Sidewalk Ends memorized to give them a quick story while we wait.

5. Story Telling–I ask the girls what they want me to tell a story about, they can pick the characters or where the story takes place or who the bad guy is.

6. Silly Questions—I quiz my girls on their lives, for example: What do you do for a living? (right now it is play in dirt with my friends) What is your full name? What is your favorite color? What would you do if your Bolt came to life? Who is your dolly’s favorite friend?

7. Hide and Seek—Not with my kids but with something I have in my purse. I tell them to close their eyes and then hide it in a pocket, hand, shoe and see if they can find it!

8. Dreams–I love to ask them fun questions where they can dream, for example: If you could have any party what would it be? What would you pick to go in our backyard, a swimming pool, bouncy castle or a horse?

And lets be honest, sometimes you just cannot help a little of this…


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