Friday: Play!—Melissa & Doug Puzzles


Melissa and Doug puzzles are just amazing! They are easy enough for my almost two year old to do and durable enough for my 5 month old to slobber all over. We can play pretend with all the animals, learn our numbers and letters, and not worry about anything breaking.

There is a craft store in my area, Roberts Arts & Crafts that you can get any item 50% off at least one day a week. The puzzles are usually 12.99 or 19.99, which makes such an amazing deal when I have the coupon. My aunt sells them for such a great price, I am not sure how she makes much of a profit, at

This week I am working on recognizing numbers 1-20 with my almost two year old. I have found if I somehow incorporate Dora into the activity, she can pay attention for quite a bit longer. We have this little car with Dora and Boots in it and we lay out all the puzzles pieces, 1-20.

“Hola I’m Dora and this is my friend Boots” I say
“Would you like to play a game with us?”

My daughter looks at me very concerned and worried….

“GREAT!” I say

Now she is all into it :)

“Lets catch all the numbers, will you help us?”

Then I call out a number and have the Dora car race on top of the number if she gets it right and we throw it up int he air (be careful with this part!!, I have knocked us on the head a few times)

The puzzle pieces are so more colorful and durable than just flashcards, I am on my way to buy the alphabet one!


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