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January 9th, 2009 in Friday: Play!

During these darn winter months when lots of us are stuck inside for most of the day, it is the perfect time to help your child (and yourself) develop your imaginations.

It might seem silly that this is one of my favorite books, but it really is. The author knows what true imagination is and her world seems so beautiful to me when I read her writing. This book is a cookbook for dolls BUT you can take the basic idea and put in it’s place stuffed animals.

Exert from the forward of the book: “This is an outdoor cookbook, because dolls dote on mud, when properly prepared. They love the crunch of pine needles and the sweet feel of seaweed on the tongue. The market place, then, will be a forest or a sand dune or your own backyard. Doll cookery is not a very exacting art. The time it takes to cook a casserole depends upon how long your dolls are able to sit at the table without falling over.”

At our party today with Bettina and Elsa we served Assorted Hors D’Oeuvres, here is the recipe:

Take the cardboard from a freshly laundered shirt (this book was published in 1961 so we used the piece of cardboard from somewhere else). To this cardboard glue 8 paper baking cups, in pretty colors if possible. This is the hor d’oevers tray. Into each cup place anything that comes to mind.

Here are 8 examples: Grass, Clover, Pine Needles, Small Berries, Flower Petals, Crushed Dry Leaves, Minced Twigs and Gravel.

Go throw your dolls a fancy feast (or teddy bears or action figures..), have fun!

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