Friday: Play!—Help! Playground Saftey

May 1st, 2009 in Friday: Play!

I try to be a laid-back mother, I really do. I try not to suffocate my children with worry or have too many rules. I have to be honest though, trips to the playground are stressful for me.

When I was a nanny I took three boys to the park; it was their favorite thing to do. The youngest boy, who was almost two, fell off the second-lowest step on the stairs up to the slide. He hit his neck and had a seizure. I’ve never been more terrified in my life while trying to get him to breathe again and open his eyes. The ambulance came and his two older brothers were inconsolable. He ended up fully recovering and now is a very healthy, smart and sweet second grader! ~Hi Tyler!~

Needless to say I am terrified of my children exploring playground equipment and was almost relieved my oldest was scared of going too high for the first three years of her life. But my Baby Girl is NOT and today she almost gave me a heart attack! It doesn’t help that she has the same sweet smile, laugh, bright blue eyes and almost white hair like Tyler!

I also don’t want to give them my insecurities and worries. I want them to have fun but safely.

I found this article on PlayGround Safety that gave me some good tips (eight pages worth!) but I am more curious to know…

What tips do you have related to kids and playground safety?

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