Friday: Play!—Free Educational Computer Games

Don’t want to download another game for your kids onto your computer? Or shell out money to buy a new one?

I went through the games available from Nick Jr., Noggin, Playhouse Disney, PBS Kids and found the games that really teach your child the most. I am sure any game on those sites would teach your child something, but these are the best.

Check out my list of FREE NO DOWNLOAD NEEDED EDUCATIONAL computer games, just click on the highlighted name to play:

From Noggin:

Blue’s Gold Clue Challenge (this is one of our two favorites) teaching you number, letters and shapes.

Dora’s City Adventure teaches color matching, counting and adding.

Moose and Zee’s Balloon Math teaching adding and subtracting.

Pink Dinky Doo’s Great Big Fancy Word Game teaches recognizing larger more complex words.

From Nick Jr.

Little Bill’s Rocket Ship game teaches recognizing numbers 1-5 and putting them in order.

Swiper’s Spelling Book

The Blue’s Clues part of the Nick Jr. site is the best, they have a large number of games, all very educational. The games include: matching shadows game, spelling with bubbles, memory game, pictonary, matching bubbles and snowflakes, Blue’s ABCs, emotions, instrumental sound matching, money counting,  recycling, sorting pictures, sorting clothes, patterns, sign-language, putting fairy tale stories in order, and a telling time game.

From Playhouse Disney:

Shanna’s Rhyme Time

Little Einstein’s Mission to Learn teaches music and art history.

Mickey Mouse Playhouse Mystery Picture Count Up

My Friend’s Tigger and Pooh Shadow Match Up

Jo Jo’s Circus Letter Sound Dashis the other of my two favorite games, it will help your child become familiar with the sounds letters make in words.
jOjO's ciRcuS

From PBS Kids:

Buster’s (from the show Arthur) Connect the States teaches geography.

The games on the Sesame Street part of the website teaches a number of the day, colors and geography.

Spelling with Caillou

Curious George Roller Monkey Memory

Clifford’s Puppy Letters

Thomas the Train games teach opposites, shapes and number matching.

Have fun playing!

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