Free Tele-Seminar for My Readers!

July 16th, 2009 in family, Life

One reason I love my blog is that a lot of my readers are a lot like me.  My readers are often moms who want to spend quality time with their kids, moms who face the challenges of life; laundry, appointments, and bills, and moms who are always learning so they can be the best mom, sister, wife, etc.

The main reason I have my blog is to share my experience with the challenges of life and hopefully help some other moms out there all while finding help for my own problems.

One of the problems I hear most about right now from moms out there is the troubled economy; husbands who are losing jobs, wives who are losing jobs, cut-backs in hours, rising costs in the home, etc.  Everyone I know is trying to find ways to earn more money, save more money, and not only get by but thrive.

I recently made a new friend who is a mom just like me and has found a way to earn a great living from home while she spends quality time with her kids.  Not only has she found a way to earn a living but lately she’s been teaching other moms how to do this, too.  When I found out what she was doing I knew that a lot of my readers would be interested in hearing about it.

What I decided to do was invite her to do a tele-seminar for the readers of my site so that she could share some of the secrets to how she has been able to do this.  The tele-seminar will be free for my readers.
To listen in to the seminar (and if you can’t make it on the night we do it we’ll get you a free audio that you can listen to) simply sign up below.  After entering your name and email you’ll need to go to your email box and confirm and then you’ll get the details for the night we’re holding the call, the number to call, and how to access it.  There are limited lines for the call so make sure to sign up now and get your slot.


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