September 11th, 2009 in About Me

My grandma passed this morning. Lots of emotions and thoughts run through you when someone you love so much passes away. After trying to go through my day like normal, the big dark sunglasses just weren’t cutting it because, well, I am quite a loud crier and after certain things were done with my grandma I could go be with my mom.

I remember when my grandfather passed away (this grandmother’s husband).  My first reaction was anger and hate. I missed him so and could not understand why we or he or I deserved it. I was so very angry.

10 years later, with a knowledge of how beautiful the gospel is, this time around, my first reaction was one of love and joy.


She gets to be with him. She missed him.  Boy, were they a sassy couple, but full of love.

She gets to be with her baby that passed on at the age of two. He was a beautiful baby, reminds me of my baby girl.

They get to be together, because Families are Forever.

I don’t think this, I don’t hope for this, I believe this and I KNOW this.

And one day (hopefully after a long full life), I will be with them too.

Love you Grandma.


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