Floating Ball Activity

March 22nd, 2011 in Crafts

I don’t know if my girls are old enough to really understand this as  a science experiment but either way it was a fun activity to do.

This teaches them about “High Pressure.” When you blow through the straw in this activity, a jet of air whooshes up under the foil ball. This high pressure jet sends the ball up into the air. As the air flows up the sides of the cone, it spreads out and loses pressure. The foil ball bounces around as it hits the high and low air pressure around the cone, making it spin! OR just blow as hard as you can and make it pop out of the cone, hitting your mom in the face. Either way, it’s fun.

Floating Ball Activity


Heavy Cardstock


Poster Tack

Bendie Straws


1. Draw a circle around a mug on the thick paper and cut out. Make a cut in the middle and bend the sides around to make a cone and tape.

2. Cut a small piece off the point of the cone and push the short end of the bendie straw into the hole. Then cut a piece of the bottom of the straw.

3. Press the poster tack around the end of the straw and then slide the straw down until the poster tack is resting in the bottom of the cone.

4. Make a foil ball and put the ball into the cone. Bend the end of the straw to blow through it.


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