May 22nd, 2012 in About Me, Nature

On Saturday we had a costume check/picture day for the girl’s dance classes–each of them are in two classes, so it was a lot of work. I do appreciate their studio and how it is run; very professional, organized, thorough, very top notch. They are bordering on being a bit controlling with some things though. Cameron was sitting on the ground terrified and sobbing (so many people, different things going on, this is just how she is) and a woman with a clipboard came stomping over. “She needs more blush and lipstick on right now” she demanded. “Nope” I replied, “Right now I am calming her down and I also am going to decide how much makeup she has one for the pictures I am buying.” Oh the nasty look from her! Then my husband walks into the madness to try and find me to go fishing as a family. The same woman stops over, “Can I help you with something?” she snaps. “Oh I am just here to meet my wife, she is just about done.” he replies. “Well come with me, I need to make sure your account is all paid up.” He replied with the same, “Nope” and then “I am here to meet my wife.” We are very paid up on their dance accounts, believe you me, I pay for the girl’s activities all at once at the beginning of the year. It is quite a big check! I still want to know what in the world that was about, and I’ll be finding out as soon as I can figure out this woman’s name.

With the grumpy lady (which is very unlike that dance studio), madness of changing girls in and out of costumes, posing for pictures, Shae being a bit under the weather, and the baby in my belly feeling heavier by the minute…it was not mixing well. Thoughts of a fun Saturday together were going out the window and I just wanted to go home.

But we braved another thing that day, drove a couple of hours north and pulled into the fish farm. A BEAUTIFUL fish farm!

Going to a fish farm to fish is really cheating. You throw fish food around the fish and then they accidentally bite your hook. Ha! Fine by me, I love cheating when fishing.

I have to show you this set of pictures of “ABBY catching a fish.” You can see how far away she gets from even being near the fish:

When I was sitting there watching all of this going on with Shae. I realized…wow I haven’t felt this happy inside for a really long time. The weather was perfect, it was beautiful there, all the kids were getting along, Tyler was there, Shae was sitting on my lap. Being pregnant is rough for me, it is nice to have an afternoon of feeling happy. Even if the first half of the day did not show any signs of it!

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