first day of school

August 19th, 2013 in About Me

For Abby I was relieved that she was going to have some time away from us. Nervous for her to get used to a strict schedule and long hours. Excited for her because she loves making friends and learning from other adults. Lots of different emotions but boy was she anxious to wave goodbye to me. Which is fine because she comes back to me with a big hug still. Her sweet teacher for the two weeks that Abby wasn’t in school yet got all her classmates excited to meet her. Oh I owe that sweet teacher for that, her classmates were so warm and welcoming to her.

Here are some shots from her 1st day off to 2nd grade:

When I watch Cameron she has such a pattern, and her emotions are so strong I can see them quite well. In new situations she has this moment of anxiety. She looks scared, freezes, and I watch her take a deep breath and just do it. Well or scream but more and more just do it. I watched her on the first day of kindergarten when they called the kids to get in a line and come into the class for the first time. I watched her start to freak out, her eyes darting back and forth to try and find me (but I hid), and her mouth start to open up to scream, and her fists clench. And then I watch her breath deep, look with determination, and decide to do it. WELL THAT MAKES ME CRY! The going to kindergarten part doesn’t. Heck kindergarten is short, easy, just like preschool, it’s fine with me. But watching her be strong like that. Man this little girl, if I can teach her to channel herself into the right things, she’ll be unstoppable.

And this last picture….sigh. I always take one last picture of them right before I walk away. Before I send them off into the next stage of life. I remember Abby was waving me out with this look of, “COME ON MOM, GET OUT!” Cameron’s face…she is just telling me that she will be alright.

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