August 20th, 2009 in About Me

This week I feel like I really should be fired–fired from wifehood, motherhood, womanhood and any other “hood” you’d like to throw in there.

For some reason this week I haven’t really prepared any meals and my husband has been waking up to make breakfast for everyone and fending for himself throughout the day. I know it should be like that in a marriage but I still feel guilty, like I should be in charge of doing it all. (Control issues, me? Yes.)

For some reason this week my makeup bag has not found its way to me and I’ll admit it, I am using a doll hairbrush to pull my hair back into a frightening-looking ponytail.

For some reason this week my body cannot go to sleep and cannot wake up on time leaving me to scramble and finish all my clients’ work throughout the day or late at night, which my time map says NOT TO DO. I might burn my planner today, we shall see.

For some reason this week my house has a funny smell and I am leaving it in a state that has me nervous for fear my neighbors might look in the window. I have book club tonight and luckily have a house cleaner, so never fear, book club attendees.

For some reason this week has been full of nothingness but has left me running around like a crazy lady.

No, nothing is wrong with me (ha! lots of things are but not anything out of the ordinary); I just am not getting it this week.

Oh me, oh my, let’s hope tomorrow is a better day before I get fired from it all.


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