Fingernail Polish

May 12th, 2010 in About Me

Just this morning while watching Abby perform in her first play (Wicked), I was thinking to myself how proud I was of her up there all grown up doing big girl things. I was a little sad at how fast the little girl part of her seems to be leaving.

Then later on today, that thought came to a screeching halt.

While I was changing a diaper she escaped to the bathroom, stripped down to her birthday suit and covered her entire body in fingernail polish. I mean, the girl got it in places I am not even sure her little arms could stretch to.

When she opened the door she knew she was in trouble, not just because I had seen it but because the fingernail polish was burning as it dried. I quickly saw that she had already been trying to scrub it off.

She burst into tears.

“Mama, am I in huge trouble?” she asked with her quivering lip.

“Oh I don’t think you’ll need anything else. I am pretty sure you will learn your lesson all on your own with this one,” I said, while trying to figure out how to scrape the polish off her cold skin.

“Mama I didn’t know that the paint dried and would burn. Dooon’t be mad,” she tried to say as she burst into wails while the snot bubbles started popping.

A while later, after trying to use different things to scrub it off her rubbed-raw skin, I asked…

“Should I take a silly picture of you?  Would that make you feel better?”

“NOOOOOO,” she sobbed.

“Why? It might make you laugh,” I asked hopefully.

“NOOO. You will put it in your blog.  I don’t want it on your blog!” she said, continuing to sob.

“Ok. Ok.” I reassured her. “We won’t take a picture.  Why don’t you want it on the blog?” I asked.

“‘CAUSE ALL YOUR FRIENDS WILL SEEEEEE!” she sobbed, snot bubbles continuing to pop.

Her lesson learned: Don’t play with fingernail polish.  It hurts like heck.

My lesson learned: She still IS a very, very little girl and I love it. Even when she is covered in fingernail polish.


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