Field Trip Time

March 4th, 2011 in About Me

Over on Evonne’s blog all week she has been having guest posts on baby food. She did a good job of bringing in lots of different perspectives and opinions. She had me blog on how I think you have to be SO careful with baby food, starting solids and not losing all those fruits and vegetables. Then she had a working mom share what works for her. Carina guest posted about how you really need to open your eyes and do what is best for your baby, not what “marketing from companies” tells us to do.

Lastly, Evonne posted an IRON CHEF VIDEO! The stars of it? Oh, you know just little ole me and Evonne. Important things you need to know…#1 Now I know that maternity shirt is not super flattering. #2 Fine, my face looks like I am 9 months pregnant…and my arms…and the way I have to get up and down. #3 Her baby (THE JUDGE) does something really awesome with my Iron Chef food.

So you have to go check that out over at her blog. Just click on the image below:


Then over at Simple Kids I wrote a post talking about tooth brushing routines for kids. Let me tell you, I am NOT the expert on this so it was actually really good for me to write the post. I need to make some changes asap. Click below to see what I am talking about:

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