Farewell Kindergarten

June 6th, 2012 in About Me, Learning

Throughout the year Abby has written on her own blog about her school year, we still need to add a thing or two, but she has done a great job. On the last day I kept on waiting for Abby to be a bit sad, but it never came. She is really excited for Summer: California, camping, swim lessons, science camps, etc. Although the one thing she could think of was how much she was going to miss her sweet teacher. She really did get a top notch teacher who taught her so much:

Abby was such a sweet student; always doing her homework, well behaved, learning so fast, and did a great job at making friends. So I told her to celebrate we could do whatever she wanted! I gave her lots of ideas, some we could bring one of her friends along with her and some we could do all on her own. She spent a long night and day thinking about it and proclaimed, “I REALLY WANT TO GO TO JUSTICE!” So I sucked it up and went to Justice (that store and I–we have issues), I think she picked out a darling little outfit for her reward, she wore it on her very last day of school (in the pictures at the end of the post). We also treated ourselves to Jamba Juice to celebrate a job well done.

I loved comparing the pictures from her first day and last day:


Good job baby doll and…FAREWELL KINDERGARTEN!

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