farewell house

November 25th, 2012 in Our Travels Worldwide

Farewell house of hidden gems–fresh bat feces to clean up every morning, snake skin in the laundry room, coatis outside our door, cockroaches crawling out of the washing machine, water pressure that sometimes works, not knowing that 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom were inaccessible, wasp nests, and everything being grimy. The outside of the house and everything in it just needs to be pressure washed with antibacterial soap. The fact that all my girls have to stuff in one room and wake up at 4:30/5am and that no one gets a break from each other are going to be long gone soon. Most of all I will be relieved that we won’t be living in a home that is a death trap for my 18 month old.


I will actually miss a few things about you—the upside of having an outdoor kitchen (just so you know the downsides heavily outweigh the upsides), the open layout of the main floor, the sound of the ocean, the jungle right behind us, and the superb restaurant down the street. The plants that are still alive and not rotting on the property are beautiful. Best of all, our friend the mermaid, and Esterillos beach. It is the perfect beach for not too strong of tides, not being busy, and the seashells. The views from the patio are stunning. When I wake up I see the sunrise through our thin blinds–it is beautiful to wake up to. The fact that we can pick some variety of lime/oranges off the trees and make a killer lime/orange/I don’t know–ade. Most of all if you are soaking wet in your bathing suit sitting in your camping chair in just the right spot on the patio–you actually feel chilly—in costa rica.


But it is time for us to feel like we aren’t camping and for us to be closer to the main town. And boy will it be easier on our car, it is hard to drive up to our house. Every time we drive up we cringe hoping that the bottom of our low minivan won’t be scraped clean.


Farewell house of hidden gems–we are moving from Esterillos and on our way to Playa Hermosa (which is where we vacationed last year and it also is closer to the main town–Jaco). Cross your fingers for me that moving week goes well and that mainly Shae does well with yet another big change.

I did take a video of the house for remembrance sake, not too thrilling of a video, but grandmas and grandpas there it is

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