Family Timeline Project

December 14th, 2012 in Crafts, homeschool, Learning

Abby’s favorite subject in school is history–any type of history. Past presidents, lds history, pioneers, Egyptians, nomads, etc. Homeschooler or no homeschooler I would look into The Story of the World history books to have in the home. They come along with an activity book as well. When we were first starting and learning what history meant one of the suggested activities was putting together a timeline of your own history.

So the girls and I brainstormed on what were our highlights throughout the years and decided on: birthdays, vacations, moves, new sisters, baby blessings, dad’s business, first words, first steps, etc. Over about a week I asked the girls to color these main events and I got to work figuring out what all the correspondingĀ dates were.

Yes this timeline would be even cuter if you used real photos, or maybe owned a printer (we don’t anymore), or wanted to use scrapbooking supplies. Yes it would, but we are on a budget here. Plus my girls love to color, so here is our timeline:

I love that it starts with the day my husband and I got married, because that is the day we became a forever family. Some of the pictures crack me up, especially the one of myself pregnant. This one is sweet though, Abby being blessed when she was a baby by her Daddy:

We have it hanging on our wall in our homeschool room in this new house, I love looking at all their little pictures. And you know what? We have been BUSY! Our family has been around for 10 years, a decade, craziness.

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