Family Home Evening

January 13th, 2011 in teaching

In my church I have the assigned job of “Relief Society Coordinator,” which basically means that with the help of a committee, I plan and put on a different activity every single month for all the women. It is geared towards different things each month: spiritual things, fun things, getting to know you, food or a service project. This month it was centered around Family Home Evening. We had two classes: one for women with young kiddos in their family and another class for women with older children in their family.

Family Home Evening is just a time for the family be all together once a week, have fun together, learn together, read together, play a game together, have a mini lesson together…whatever suits your family.

In the younger kid’s class they had this awesome formula to help make it so you could have a successful Family Home Evening. Here it is:

Keep it…

S Short, 5-10 minute lessons

I Information that is to their level

M Movement

P Participation

L Learn

E Evaluate

Keep it short! Keep the information to their level, but don’t dumb it down too much. Kids really do grasp on to more than we think they do. Add lots of movement: little kids are going to wiggle so work the wiggling and movement into the evening! Invite participation. Let the kids help by allowing them to take turns planning what you are going to do.  Or let them teach something, give a snack or sing a song.  Make sure they learn. The purpose is to teach your children about Christ, how to teach others, about the scriptures or other important things. What they learn at home is the most important. Lastly, evaluate. Take a moment to evaluate how the night went and re-do things next time if it didn’t go too smoothly. Or keep the things that worked really well around for next time.

Check out this awesome bookmark Quinn helped me put together for the night. It’s a beautiful and very true quote isn’t it?

P.S. Did you know that there is a BRAND NEW website just for Family Home Evening? Yes, there is. Check it out here:


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