Fairy Forest in Kamas

August 15th, 2013 in Love of Local in Utah, Nature

Yes, the fairy forest in Kamas is worth going to! It is a bit deep into the woods so people leave it be. People go in and make little fairy villages, hang things in the trees, leave figurines, paint rocks, etc. It is worth it to go but let me suggest…

#1 You make time to also do a hike near Mirror Lake

#2 Have a fun plan with your kids on what fairy village you want to make. Bring all the supplies to do it there.

#3 You can also bring paint and a plan on how to paint the rocks while you are there.

#4 Make time to investigate for awhile, bring a lunch if you need too, and don’t worry about the heat because it is very shaded.

These directions from Todays Mama were spot on here they are: http://utah.todaysmama.com/2013/07/18/utahs-hidden-secret-enchanted-fairy-forest/

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