Fabric Covered Letters

March 11th, 2011 in Crafts

Yes! I have to put the standard “baby name” somewhere in the room but I wanted something to go along more with the 20’s/30’s fabric theme so decided to do fabric covered letters. They really are simple and inexpensive to do!


Gift Boxes


Fabric Scissors

Fabric-tac (it’s the adhesive/glue to attach the fabric to the cut up gift boxes)

Fabric for each letter (I found that quilting squares were the perfect size)



1. Cut out your letters on old gift boxes

2. Iron your fabric

3. Trim your fabric to make it able to attach it to the letters, hopefully you can clip and curve the junctures better than I can!

4. Attach the fabric to the cardboard with the “Fabric-Tac” and let dry.

5. Give the letters another quick iron.

6. I am just using some Velcro mounting strips that you can also use for frames to hang them up, available at any home improvement store.

Fabric Covered Letters, super easy like I said!


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