Every Weekend is a Beach Weekend

January 17th, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

Usually I am the master of plans, I plan everything we do. Which half of the time drives me nuts and the other half of the time, let’s be honest, I enjoyed the control. But sometimes weekend plans would fade away because I didn’t feel like picking something that would just result to whining. And I ain’t talking about the kids!

Out here there is no plans to be made, you just head out to try a new beach. Esterillos Oeste? Here we come. Esterillos Este? Sure. Playa Bejuco? Why not! Puntaneras Beach? They sell steak on a stick, I say yes!

And you know what? I have never felt hot at the beach. The water is warm, half the time I spend chasing kids and the other half I sit under a palm tree with the babe.

Not a bad weekend activity at all. Best thing? No whining, from anyone.

This picture is right before she bit the dust! Or ate some sand I guess I should say.

I also really love the little beach towns, the run down houses, beautiful trees, winding roads. 



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