May 1st, 2012 in About Me

I hate the word epic, I think it is used incorrectly all the time. I have tried to forbid my husband and brothers from using it.

I am about to use it BECAUSE it fits.

I had the most EPIC pregnancy break down this morning. Some pregnancies are moodier than others, this one I have felt sick, but (and my husband agrees with me) I have been quite normal and myself emotion wise. It seems like though with every single pregnancy I have one really over the top melt down. I remember the one with Abby, that is a very sad memory. I remember the one with Cameron, another sad memory. I remember the one with Shae, another really sad memory. And today I had baby girl #4’s pregnancy meltdown, another memory I would like to erase.

It ended in my husband finding me and saying after I was a real piece of work to him, “Uh Vanessa….I love you?” and myself in Cameron’s bed. She turned of the lights, put a blanket over me, covered me with her stuffed animals and rubbed some lotion on my feet.

All I can say is I hope Cameron does not remember this and has to work through it as an adult in therapy. Also thankful that my husband is forgiving and that he puts up with a lot from me. He is a good man.

Last pregnancy folks, last one.

Very excited to meet her. Look she is saying, “Hi!”

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