End of Summer Collecting

August 27th, 2009 in family

Whenever we decide to go “Exploring, Collecting, or Investigating” those titles seem to have a bit of a jinx to them. It seems whenever we go on an expedition, the rain follows us.  Some days we don’t mind, but others make us run for cover.

This past Sunday was such a wonderfully relaxing day, and I could tell that fall was on it’s way. I told the girls we must go “End of Summer Collecting” up at the Jordan River so we could keep the things we would miss when summer leaves but still be able to remember the fun we had.

But the rain quickly came so we hurried back with our bags full of treasure to inspect. We spoke about how pretty they were, what they were used for and how we would miss them. We laughed over all the fun we had this summer and being with our Daddy more than usual.

So off we went…


And when the rain stopped, we ran out to do it again.  Happy End of Summer Collecting!

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