End of SassyScoops.com

May 6th, 2012 in About Me

Today I posted over at SassyScoops.com that we are closing down the site. By we I mean Emily & I, since we are the only two original gals left and we own the site.

It is completely the right decision, we both have so much going on and my life is completely changing with moving out of the country and have soon FOUR kids under 6.

I wanted to tell you all these different stories from our SassyScoops.com days. Some of them are funny stories, sad stories, disappointing stories, beautiful stories, learning experiences…but my sister-in-law and I were out to dinner and she said to me: “You should be really proud of yourself, are you proud of yourself?” It took me completely off guard because lately SassyScoops.com has just been a bit of a thorn in my side–the only reason being I am so worn out. So I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t really answer. But man we have given so much time, heart, and work into promoting local .

I AM proud of us when I think about it, I AM.

The reason we put so much time, work, and heart into this site is because we believe in local. We believe in community, we believe in supporting those around us, we believe it is essential to help all of us thrive. We think it is essential and a beautiful part of our country, and the movement to put more importance into it continues to need your help and support.

Your local community, business owners, farmers, shops, restaurants, etc. NEED YOU.
Please always consider supporting local, it is so vitally important for you to do so.

I believe in this so much.

If you live in Utah, you can find the list of over 100 places we featured during our three years on our last post in a quick easy to read list. So you can try some of them out, find it here.

If you don’t live in Utah, find places that you support that are local.


P.S. Thank you to Emily, she is such a great woman and friend. She was the absolute best to do this, LOVE YOU EMILY!

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