August 6th, 2010 in About Me

Can this day end with a good cry in my bed? A good cry that will leave me SO exhausted I will have a very, very nice long deep sleep, then wake up feeling as if I had run a half marathon the night before. You know, a GOOD cry like that.

Today no one answered when I called.  But everyone called when I couldn’t answer, leaving me with 12 voice mails that I have no energy to return.

I really just want to be alone with no background noise.  But as soon as you put the kids down there seems to be another “kid” that needs attention.

I spent forever in the car today meeting with clients.  I should have asked my mom to watch the girls but I did not, and you all know what kids are like when they have been in the car too long. The clients I met with are fashion divas and when I am with them and catch a glimpse of myself next to them…it is frightening, the contrast.

All the updates from Blog Her have me green with envy. I wonder why I can’t be strong or well enough to go. Why can’t I go, universe?  Maybe one year….should I shoot for 2020?

My neighborhood is a magnet for solicitors. I feel bad for them.  I do.  They don’t want to be doing this and I really need a peephole so I don’t have to deal with it. They come all day long which sets my guard dog in a frenzy, which is a pain even though that is what he is supposed to do.  I don’t have much energy to nicely say NO to the poor solicitors anymore.

I snapped at my husband when he asked a simple question about the remote and scared him off for the rest of the night probably.  Don’t you wish we all could get ‘free pass” cards?  Then, when we act like this we can hand over the card and not have to do the whole….talking and apologizing and soothing over.  Because boy, am I tired and feeling selfish right now.

I realized that I invited a bunch of Abby’s neighborhood friends over tomorrow morning for a big tea party and have prepared nothing. Nothing. Who likes Pirate Booty and raisins in fancy tea glasses? Any takers?

We are having a constant battle over the AC.  I like it 4 degrees cooler so I can, you know, SLEEP and not feel like I want to burst inside.  But the other adult in the house likes it warmer and so this results in either me waiting up till he falls asleep to turn it down or falling asleep first and not sleeping well.

I am stuck in an annoying place of potty training where there is no return back to diapers, but getting over this hurdle is a pain in the caboose.

Yeah, none of this is that big of a deal huh?

But still.  I give this day an EH rating.

Even though (yes, I KNOW, I KNOW) I have it quite lucky to others in comparison. But just hold those comments in.  I would like to just have an Eh night followed by a good cry.

But thanks, Amy, for your shout-out. That made me feel nice, for a bit anyway!


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