March 25th, 2010 in Life

Over the past few years, the Easter holiday has been….


Which is silly.  Easter is during such a beautiful time of the year and represents such a beautiful thing! Why has it been so —eh—- in my household?

Honestly, the reason is because I have not put much thought into the holiday and it has ended up revolving around what the Easter Bunny brings.

Hey, I am not going to stop those fun Easter egg hunts and leaving a basket of goodies (although I think we might do it on the Monday after Easter). But I am on a mission to make our Easters more memorable and use that day (or week) as a time to help develop our love and relationship with Christ.  This is done throughout the year, but during Easter week I would like to start some new traditions…

painting by Liz Lemon Swindle

…which I would love to share with you during the next 3 days. But what I really want to know is….

Do you have any Easter Traditions that revolve around Christ?

If so, please help me out and share!

painting by Minerva Teichert


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