Easter Weekend

April 6th, 2013 in About Me

I have been thinking for years about letting the bunny die in our house or slip away without notice (the later happened this year and very oddly smoothly). And who knows maybe next year he will be back. I know you all do a wonderful job of balancing Christ and Mr. Bunny. I do not. Who knows maybe I just needed one year without him to get back on track. Or maybe I will do this forever. To each their own mamas, to each their own. I love doing cute little crafts, over the top birthday parties, and fun silly traditions with the kids. But when Cameron was watching me hang up pictures of Christ in our house to celebrate Easter she said something profound. She asked me why I was doing it, so I told her, and she looked at me and said, “Oh is Jesus what Easter is supposed to be about?” BANG, I got my answer really fast to what I had been worrying about. It is my job as the mama to listen and follow through on promptings. This was one of those times.

So our Easter was a little different. A week leading up to Easter the girls selected each night a “Flor de Pascua” that had an activity assigned to it. They were all centered on Christ; reading scriptures, looking at artwork, watching videos, listing things you are grateful he gave us, etc.

We had a beautiful experience picking up a woman to be baptized on the way to church. Then we had the missionaries over for dinner. They had so much fun with our girls. My girls always comment on how good they feel inside when we have the missionaries at our house. They are always welcome here, they leave such a nice feeling in my home.

I tried to do something cute and make bunny rolls to go with our dinner. It was like the universe was trying to say to me, “Vanessa why would you make rolls reminding your children of him when you didn’t celebrate him?” Whoops, thanks universe. They also tasted HORRIBLE, everyone admitted it at the dinner table.

The weekend also included making PB eggs, decorating eggs, giving the house a huge scrub, and playing in some waterfalls.

I would say it was a pretty successful Easter Weekend. Check out my beautiful girls in their Easter dresses:

Happy Pascua my friends.

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