Easter Bunny

May 9th, 2014 in About Me

Tyler and I got into a tiff before Easter. I was telling him that I was so glad we weren’t doing the Easter bunny anymore. That even though it was hard last year, that I had done it, I had not celebrated the Easter bunny. I remember it being a very different Easter. To which he replied that I had never done that. That at the last minute I felt bad and left something out from the bunny. I was convinced that he was crazy. He was convinced that I was just trying to save face. Which I wasn’t, I clearly remember not doing it. Last year we did have a better Easter, for a good 7-10 days before Easter we remembered Christ in many ways. The whole day had a very different feeling. To my credit, THAT did happen and the same with this year.

So this Easter when I sat down the girls to remind them that we were focusing just on Christ this year. After a full week of talking about Christ’s last week of life. Cameron looked at me with her FOR REAL sad eyes saying, “YOU MEAN WE AREN’T GETTING ANYTHING, NOT ANYTHING FROM THE EASTER BUNNY? IS HE NOT REAL?!” Lots of sobs. Then I stalled. More importantly then I remembered I was having deja vu. Oh dang it all, Tyler was right, we did celebrate the Easter bunny. Because last year Cameron had done the same thing. So on Easter Eve I suddenly remember I had ran around the house finding something that could be considered a present. So I whispered in her ear this year before she went to bed. I reassured her I was being crazy and I had decided that I would let the Easter bunny leave something little for her. So then again I was scrambling around the house trying to find something he could leave. The only chocolates I could find with mocha flavored chocolates I had picked out of a bag of assorted chocolates.

Maybe the way it had turned out for the past two years was ok. We don’t talk about the bunny until the night before. I spend no extra money, it is very low key, and he only leaves something little.

But NEXT year, next year, he is gone. When the two older ones are old enough to hear he was just something funny to do. And before the two babies even remember who he is.

Right? Hopefully if I remember.

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