Easter 2014

May 9th, 2014 in About Me

easterdresses2 easterdresses

My girls did not look like this on Easter. But they were in these dresses. This was their Easter hello to family that I never sent. We used to make lots of videos for family, their birthday and things. But then I noticed I would send them and they were never watched. Except for the ones sent to grandparents, of course, they never get sick of grandkids!

MVI 3716 from Vanessa Brown on Vimeo.

Easter I spent cooking! I was in a cooking mood. My sister mentioned pita sounded good and there is a famous pita bread recipe in the family. So I told her to bring that and I would make the fixings. I went overboard on the fixings, but I was in a cooking mood. I made three different meats for gyros, with three different sauces. I made hummus, greek salad, greek rice, and greek potatoes. It was enough for five families but there were only two. I tend to do this. I think it is a sign that more of the Brown family needs to live close by. Of course then I do it overboard on cooking and don’t want to cook for two weeks after that. But I really do have fun, in the moment, making meals like these. I had never made Greek before, or lamb, it was fun to do.


My sister brought an Easter egg hunt for the kids and I for some reason tried to slap mustaches on them. The babies loved it. Then when I asked my little niece their age to do it she totally wanted to as well.




My table was GORGEOUS. Me, myself, and I said that to my head. This is probably why my mother in law needs to live closer, she would have appreciated the table.



And I mean, COME ON, look at these cookies. I made them all from scratch. Lie. I bought them all myself. Truth. One of my special talents is, I know where to BUY the best things.


My sister brought the famous Brown chocolate peanut butter eggs. Oh my goodness which reminds me, there is still one in the fridge. Could it still be good? I must figure this out.

We ended with a Christ walk, which none of the babies were into. And the adults chose talking inside. But the older girls and I had a fun time. I just put some events of Christ’s last week into bags with a scripture. We took turns going from bag to bag taking things out. It ended with a bag with a picture of Christ in it for them. Which I think they promptly all lost in 3 minutes.


But you know what? Sometimes I do things that I love for ME. Me, myself, and I. Mich, ik, yo, ek, eu, ben, moi. Because raising this family is a lot of work. And if I want to spend two days making greek food, decorate a table that makes just me feel good, and buy lots of beautiful easter cookies. That is fine with me, it doesn’t bug me a bit, and it makes raising this family of mine fun for me.

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