Easter 2012 Recap

April 16th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Honestly Easter felt empty this year, I had plans to do Easter baskets in the morning and give a nice FHE about the Savior. I didn’t end up doing it and the BUNNY took over the show.  I have decided that the Easter Bunny will no longer be a part of our house. It makes things feel pretty empty and I was not very proud of myself. I want to have a special treat during the weekend-but just from Mom and Dad, still do Easter dresses, dye eggs for fun, and then have all of Easter Sunday be about Jesus.

Hopefully I can just come clean and tell Abby & Cameron the truth, the two other kiddos won’t ever even know, and we can start fresh. I know a lot of you balance the Easter Bunny & the religious part well, but some years I do not, he needs to just be cut out totally.

It was fun to teach the girls how to use the Robin Egg’s candy as lipstick! Remember this Sarah & Laura?

Grandma worked very hard on their beautiful Easter dresses, thank you Mommy.

My Mom surprised us with our own Bunny cinnamon roll that we would have growing up, I got all of us beautiful aprons & Cameron ate her chocolate bunny in a disgusting record breaking time.

But as for the Easter Bunny—he is outta here. I will however still eat his delicious Cadbury Eggs.


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