~Earth Week~Saturday: Shop!–My Favorite Eco-Friendly Kid’s Companies

April 25th, 2009 in Saturday: Shopping!

I have an incredibly long list of my favorite eco-friendly kid’s companies but I’ll just share a few along with my favorite product pick.

Children’s Toys

When I don’t go with homemade gifts for Christmas and birthdays then they are most likely from Natural Pod. We love everything they carry from their organic play-dough to their art supplies. Natural Pod sells quality natural play items that support creative and imaginative play. I am currently in love with their all-natural musical instruments.

Children’s Art Supplies

Stubby Pencil Studio is the perfect place to find eco-friendly art supplies that are healthy for your children and the environment. We love their crayon rocks, which are made from non-toxic soy wax and tinted with natural mineral powders. Their smencils are made from recycled newspaper wrapped around #2 graphite and soaked in environmentally-friendly fragrance liquids.

Children’s Books

I love, love, love Little Green Books and their wonderful selection just keeps on growing! Their books are machine washable and made from 50% recycled material. They will help you as you start teaching your children about being eco-friendly. The books cover subjects such as improving the environment, learning about endangered animals, recycling and much more.

Children’s Shoes

Simple Shoes are a fave in our house. Made from Organic Cotton, I.S.O. 14001 Suede, Hemp, Bamboo, Recycled Car Tires and Recycled Inner Tubes, these shoes are also VEGAN shoes.

What could be better than an eco-friendly shoe made with the above sustainable materials?

Children’s Clothing

Design Mom introduced me to my newest favorite eco-friendly children’s clothing company Beleaf. They sent us a box to try out and we are in love!

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