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June 1st, 2010 in About Me

Why, hello friends! Did you know it’s June? Yes, June already. Finally warm enough to spend the days outside doing important things like running in sprinklers and digging in dirt. Not falling asleep under my office desk to be awoken by a PB & Honey Sammie dropped on my face from my two baby girls who were trying to take care of their mama. (oh, don’t you wish I had a picture for that one!)

My mind and family need me to take a break from things; blogging, twitter, endless emails, facebook, etc. This is how I make a living, so of course I will be back.  How could I leave for too long?

Our lives are changing, careers are growing and it’s time to sort out everything and set clear goals on how we can work together as a family to accomplish them. And for me, I need to clear my mind to do this. Big things are on the horizon and I cannot wait. (no I am not knocked up, geez people)

I’ll see you in one month, on July 1st, and you can catch me on these sites until then:

You all know I adore children’s books.  I’ll have a new list for you to check out every single week over here:

On Always Something to Talk About, I’ll have a couple of posts on things like Why You Should Just Let Your Darn Kids Play Princesses and Entitlement as a Woman and Thoughts on My Daddy:

Beautiful Stephanie asked me to guest post for the whole month of June on this site of hers:

Almost all of these posts I did ahead of time.  See you on July 1st.  Don’t forget about me!



P.S. I would LOVE to hear your input on what you would like to see MORE or LESS of on, dear readers.  If you have 30 seconds, help me out by taking a survey by clicking on the hyperlink below:

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