Dog Daycare and Boarding in Utah

February 18th, 2014 in About Me

Oh manny.

We opened a facility finally for our business, our 7 year old business, and we finally have a building!

I would think that most of you know that my husband, Tyler, is a dog trainer. Or maybe I don’t talk about it enough? He has had a local Utah business for 7 years. People sign up for dog training packages; private training sessions or boot camps.

(If you don’t live in Utah people send their dogs from all over the nation for boot camps actually. And he sells his dog training DVDs all over the world too.)

BUT, to the point. WE OPENED A FACILITY! So if you live in Utah you can bring your dogs for DAYCARE and BOARDING.

Located At:
739 East 9400, South Sandy, Utah 84094
(801) 895-2731

It’s a little nerve racking, I might have lots of nightmares, because buildings are expensive. And we provide a living for four families, so you never want to mess that up! My mother in law asked about it the other day and I thought it was so sweet that I cried. Note to everyone: if any of your loved ones open a business, SUPPORT THEM. This means free babysitting and tons of meals. Ok maybe not that, but asking about it sure is sweet and enough.

If you want to see pricing, how our daycare/boarding is ran differently (and better, of course, I mean it is *US* after all ) this it the perfect link for you:


On another note, if you have any dog training questions, my husband is really good at participating with Q&A if you just post it on his Facebook Page

P.S. Do you have any friends in Utah that own dogs? Word of mouth is essential for us, can I pretty please beg of you to pass along the word? Cookies for everyone if you do! Tyler can make them 😉


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