DIY Spa Themed Joint Bridal Shower

August 16th, 2013 in Parties

I have two cousins that are sisters, 5 years apart, and got married two weeks from each other. So I did a joint bridal shower for them. I love these two girls, oh they were such catches, those guys are pretty darn lucky. It was a spa themed shower and everything turned out really well. So let me share what we did….

Decor: Pinwheels over food table, brides to be banner, and two clothes lines with the girl’s pictures on them. I had a series of pictures from the time they were born till their engagement photos.

Food: Cut up veggies and dip in a cup, mini cupcakes, fruit bruschetta, salami wraps, caprese bites, and Barefoot Contessa tea sandwiches. Some of the recipes you can find here in one of my older posts.

Drinks: My Italian Soda Bar which has been used for countless parties now. I use the same signs over and over and that syrup still has not run out!

DIY Spa Activities: Three stations all with monogrammed lids with the brides names on them. Station #1 was a simple Crystal Light Lip gloss, instructions here. Station #2 was a Lemon Sugar scrub and Coconut Sugar scrub, instructions here and here. Station #3 was a Bath Bomb station, instructions here.

Personally I would skip the bath bombs and just to the other two. 

It was open house style, no games, as per request. Here are some pictures with some of their friends. Love you so much girls!!

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