Date Nights with the Girls

May 25th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday, Crafts

We do these “date nights with the girls” a few times a year, usually they are most excited if it is their turn to go with Dad. Because Dad usually takes them out somewhere fun and then the other one stays home with me. But this time I decided it was *MY* time to go out!

Cameron and Dad stayed home to make their own mini pizzas, watch a cooking show, and eat ice cream. Cameron’s DREAM DATE.

Abby and I went out for sushi! I let her bring some playing cards and we played GO FISH as we waited for our food. She felt so grown up, she was flipping her hair in this “cool way”, giggling at everything I said, choosing which sushi roll she wanted. It was her first time having sushi and she ate 3 big pieces and proclaimed, “I LOVE IT!”

Then we met one of her favorite friends for a rather painful movie. Poor Evonne and I just wanted to go home and sleep.

Such a perfect date night for Abby too.

Love these girlies of ours.

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